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the way I see it,  your home should reflect your personality + the design should lend itself to how you want to live in your home. what’s your style?  what do you love?  what/who gets your heart skipping a beat?  that’s what your home should embody.  you.

i take the approach of bringing my love of all things vintage + color to your project, infusing it into how you want your home or party to feel and bring that back to reflect your personality + style.  your design doesn’t need to cost a fortune.  i’m happiest scouring flea markets + vintage stores for the right fit. save the earth + some money.  that history only adds to the style of your home + the story of your design.

. about .

i am a los angeles based interior designer by way of the midwest with a huge passion for music, lovely design + way too much love for fashion.  all of this finds its way into the creative vision + daily inspiration for my designs.

my creative career began in music, producing websites + building online communities for a ton of amazing artists. straight out of college i high-tailed it to southern california to be involved in the creative world (+ warm weather) i’d always dreamed of — i couldn’t wait a minute longer.  music is the inspiration to so many things in my life and has truly opened the door for me to realize my life + world needs to be immersed in all things creative.

my passion to create found its way back to my love of architecture + interior design which beckoned me away from online design + back to school i went.  after completing the interior design program at fidm i have worked alongside some of the most inspirational + talented designers, including, elizabeth dinkel design + studio hefner.  this background allows me to bring a hi-end touches to any budget with style + ease.

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  1. I just found your blog and pinterest. I think you might be my design soulmate. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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